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Rupajiwa Studio was founded by Wan Fuad and Airulazli as a professional photography studio in 2006 and since 2009 has enjoyed an established reputation as a leading architectural photography studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rupajiwa Studio is dedicated to creating inspiring and striking photographs of contemporary interior and exterior architecture around the world.

With a background in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, we have photographed and documented many architectural projects ranging from small-scale private bungalows to the large-scale projects such as mixed-developments, commercial centres and high-rise towers.

Our strong understanding of architectural design language gives us significant advantages in conveying the design intention of the Architect. We will ensure that every photo taken delivers the Architect’s design statement and vision in the project, and that every detail of the design is captured.

Site location and context, geographical conditions, sun-orientation and weather forecasts are just part of our inventory of considerations before we start shooting a project. Our commitment to a detailed knowledge of the site gives us insights into the project and enables us to determine the very best angles and times at which to capture the building on film.

The outcome is a passionate attention to detail, the most creative approach possible and a reliable and professional service. Above all, our philosophy results in beautiful photographs that showcase buildings at their best – images that perfectly describe architecture within the built environment.

Rupajiwa Studio retains the copyright to all images displayed on this website. Please contact Rupajiwa Studio if you would like to purchase the images.

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